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  • Your Biz + Biggest Names in Sports
  • Star Talent @ Suburban prices
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  • Locally focused to target YOUR area
  • You won't believe how affordable we are!
Attract Sports Talk Listeners Where You Do Business
Here's why you should never overpay for commercials on a radio station with a "big signal"
If you don't need to reach people in Milwaukee, Carbondale and Rockford, you shouldn't pay to reach them. WGN, WSCR, WMVP, & WBBM need to charge you expensive ad rates because they're owned by mega corporations with shareholders demanding bigger profits. These companies bid big bucks on high priced play by play deals with the Cubs, Blackhawks, Bears, White Sox and Chicago Bulls and then they pass the buck to you. At WCKG, we skip the expensive play-by-play, stick to Sports Talk from the best talent on radio, and focus on delivering you the right listeners, in the right areas, for the right price - with everything we've got!
Chicago Radio Advertising WCKG
Best Sports Talk Hosts Period
Our talent is the creme of the crop. The producers at all the other stations are reading, following, watching and listening to our hosts so they can prepare for their shows.
No Expensive Weekday 
Play by Play
More people than ever are listening to Sports TALK on radio, streams, and podcasts. We stick to Sports Talk and pass on the expensive play-by-play deals, so we can save you money.
Sports Talk Chicago Radio Advertising
WCKG is Family Owned
We are the last independently owned and operated radio station in Chicago. We are here in the trenches with you, and we're here to help your business thrive. Our family is here to serve yours!
We Don't Just 
Sell "Advertising"
It's true, we're not in the advertising business. We don't want to sell you "commercials". We want to tell your story, and bring you customers. We'll use commercials, tweets, videos, events - everything in our power - to help you grow your business!
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